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The program is very helpful in my line of duty. It helps me to perform my job well.
Barrot, John Clifford, Internal Auditor

Audit has always been my first love, and when I was assigned years ago into a fraud audit, enthusiastic I might have been, but to tell you frankly, I did not know where to start. Though I’m no longer in audit, it has always been my frustration to learn and apply methods to seek for fraud. In just 2 days, I learned a lot and though not applicable to my current position, I’d loved to learn more of forensic audit/accounting for future engagements since I also want to establish my own audit firm and this would also prepare me if given the chance to teach. Given time, I believe fraud audit/accounting would be the next big thing in accounting not only in the country but around the world as well.
Rowena Dela Cruz Bautista, Senior Analyst

The program would be a very helpful tool for accountants as well as auditors. It contains topics/subjects that would equip the participants the knowledge/advantage in the field.
Annileth C. Anyayahan, Accountant

I gained knowledge on forensic accounting and fraud investigation in this seminar.
Ma.Nenita Laarnie E. Santiago, Accountant 1

I learned a lot especially on practical application or interviews and documentations review. What I like most on the second session was the presentation of actual cases which made it very easy to relate, thus ensuring complete understanding and retention of the skills being taught.
Vida V. De Jesus, DVP/ Treasury

Forensic accounting and fraud examination is a very good course and applicable to business operation. The seminar itself is very useful even in daily life.
Nievera, Norene D., Manager

This program validated, or otherwise, current practices that I know of, and it presented a new mindset or how I can add value to my current organization.
Ziegfred C. Noscal, Regional Lead

The seminar was very interesting especially the second day. We really learned a lot from Mr. Victor Lorenzo. What he taught us was based on his extensive experience and not based on theories, which made the discussion very engaging and productive.
Carmela Grace C. Del Mundo, AVP-Financial/Operations Audit

I am fortunate that I was given the opportunity to attend the 5th batch of CrFA program. They gave me additional insights on how to correctly perform my work as auditor especially in the conduct of fraud audit.
As a result, I highly recommend to those who are inclined to pursue their career in forensic accounting to attend CrFA program.
Gideon A. De Leon, Senior Partner

The program module is very interesting, apt ad timely or issues. I have long been searching to discuss it with the right authority. I’m so grateful to people behind this project for helping us, in this profession, to move one step further to become more efficient and effective in our profession.
Arlene V. Lee, Finance Manager

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