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For CPA’s who want to enhance their understanding and skills in the field of accounting, auditing, risk management and corporate governance, and those who are into special engagement such as special/fraud examination, CrFA program is one of the good programs being offered by organization of professionals.
Rojito B. Flororita Jr., Senior Auditor

I wanted to learn on any topic dealing about fraud but this program exceeded my expectations as the learnings not only make my work in internal audit more meaningful but gave me confidence in dealing with interviews and investigations.
Maria Teresita S. Martinez, Audit Manager

The topics discussed were very interesting and relevant. The learnings gained in forensic accounting approaches are very useful in carrying out our job in fraud investigation effectively. Very applicable in any work!
It gave me the opportunity to improve myself, my objectivity and my approaches in fraud investigation.
Ermelinda S. Deocariza, Audit Manager

I used to be a member of a team conducting fraud audit in local and national government agencies. Usually, we audit local report and recommend the filing of appropriate costs in court. The report is then forwarded to our legal office for evaluation if there is sufficient evidence to warrant the filing of a criminal case in court. After that, the whole docket of the case is forwarded to the resident ombudsman for evidence appreciation. Most often, the costs are dismissed due to insufficiency of evidence gathered by us auditors.
Now I realize that there really is a big GAP between the audit brochures undertaken as against an investigation. It really matters if auditors are knowledgeable also as to what evidences are dismissible in court as well as strategies/techniques applicable in criminal proceedings.
I’m glad there is this program that bridges the GAP.
Emelie P. Pestańo, Internal Auditor III

Attending the seminar has given me insights in the relevance of Forensic Accounting in the Philippine Business Environment.
It has also awakened my interest on the emerging practice area in Forensic Accounting that is worth pursuing in this business landscape in the Philippines.
Likewise, it gives valuable insights in Fraud Investigation and Fraud Investigation Report that will be appreciated in court when there’s a need of filing of case.
Roy S. Villa, President/CEO

The program provided me the added knowledge and techniques needed for effective fraud investigation and in obtaining strong proof or evidences that are admissible in court.
Lourdes R. Avila, UP and Internal Head

In this seminar I gain additional knowledge on every subject matter discussed by each speaker. Particularly gain interest in the subject of investigating fraud. The speaker was able to impart very well his expert knowledge in investigating fraud and presented actual cases of interviewer and interrogatives. Subject respondent of different fraud cases. I gained practical tips/tools that can be used or apply in the improvement of our organizations internal control.
DJoanna C. Rondolo, Asst. Manager

CrFA seminar taught me a lot especially in fraud detection and presentation, set-up and improvement in company’s internal control.
On the first day of seminar, they showed actual video of fraud investigation, we have done some activities to apply what we have learned from the lecture given. Day 2 opened words in various circumstances of fraud and the proper way to interview possible suspects. We have also discussed the legal matters concerning commercial damages, as an expert witness and gathering evidences in a legal manner.
At the end of the seminar, it challenged me to give focus on our own company and start detecting possible fraud.
Jonathan M. Mercado, Asianlife and General Assurance Corporation

I find the program very interesting and complemented my existing audit and investigative skills.
Randy R. Capulong, Internal Control and Compliance Head

Attending the said seminar on forensic accounting will surely be useful tools for me to effectively discharge my duties as internal audit manager of the company where I am working.
Cristina M. Cabasag, IA Manager/Automation Head

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