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Very informative and interesting course, likewise so relevant to my position. Relatively, knowledge/ideas acquired can be applied also to me daily life. Forensic is both an art and science in a way that it is really stirred my consciousness.
Ailyn M. Calingasan, Revenue Examiner

The program provided me not only the basic knowledge of forensic accounting but also provided me with a wholistic approach of the subject matter which includes financial practical and technical side of the matter.
It surprises me that the course opened my mind and brought me to another colorful world of auditing. The program impressed me very much except on how I can apply what I’ve learned in my work and how it can benefit to our company.
Ann Marie Liza Suaverdez, IT Auditor

The two (2) days seminar provides lots of informative learning in terms of investigating fraud. The two-day session has imparted certain degree of awareness of the do’s and don’ts in a fraud investigation.
Gener C. Salvador, Manager

This course provided new learnings, ideas and approaches with regard to investigation of any fraud or irregularities. Also this helped me confirm some of my ideas regarding existing practices.
Analiza S. Ventura, Department Head

After attending the seminar, I realized that as an internal auditor, I have been doing some forensic accounting. The presented program will really help me improve in investigation and evidence gathering and analysis. I have learned so much and will surely use the materials as a guide in the performance of my responsibilities.
Minnie I. Formales, Manager

Although I attended this seminar out of university and was only obliged by my immediate boss, to attend this seminar is definitely useful to my department. I gained knowledge not only on how to detect and prevent fraud but also the reasons why fraud is committed. I need to review our internal controls because the elements of fraud may exist anytime with prior internal control.
Rosalie O. Dela Cruz, AVP-Settlements

As someone who has not studied accounting, I was not able to catch up on topics discussed on day 1, there were bits and pieces I was able to understand but some of these items are already being practiced by my group. This is a confirmation that what we are practicing is correct and we are on the right track. What I enjoyed is the second day with Sir Victor. What he presented are actual cases and more effective. I can use those tips when our group conducts interviews relating to the case.
I also enjoyed Sir Jaero’s topic. He also provided real life scenarios and experiences which I can relate and use not only in my work but for personal as well.

Maria Rosario V. Reyno, Unit Head Fraud Mgt

The CrFA program has enabled me to further my knowledge in forensic accounting under a more formal learning setting.

Joseph S. Carbalio , Audit Manager

The two day program is not enough to provide the participants enough knowledge or full view of Forensic Accounting. The subject is very interesting and educational. More time is needed to fully appreciate the subject matter. Nonetheless, I am far more knowledgeable in forensic accounting than before I attended the program. Lecturer Victor Lorenzo and Atty. Jacro Garcia are very effective speakers. They presented their lectures very well, complete with jokes and audience participation.
Facilities are very well appreciated, especially the food.

Suzanne Therese Rojas, Finance Manager

The seminar is very informative, how I wish we could have more workshops and practical exercises wherein we will apply all the things we have learned in order to train us on how to do actual investigative accounting, evidence gathering and report preparation. This will better prepare us in doing our investigations.

Ruel Rojas, VP

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