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This seminar gives me an edge in the auditing field.
Melany Guibone, Acctg. Manager, SFS Group of Companies

It exceeds my expectation; broaden my knowledge in terms of audit & fraud. It opens doors to me about the actual reality happening in world of business, gave me awareness & prevention to eliminate fraud that I could definitely use with my current employer a future possible employer. It helps me a lot especially I’m too young to know about it. It opened the doors to new opportunity to me.
Mary Anne Inson, Accounts Payable Audit Analyst
Coco-cola Bottlers Business Services

This seminar gives me an enlightening analysis of the financial statement. If further enhance my investigation skills & techniques. There was much more than expectation on the trainings.
Joselito V. Ty, Internal Audit Group Head, Sterling Bank of Asia

This seminar helps me a lot and opens my mind to new learnings. It captured my interest and I think with this seminar more opportunities will come and it will help my future career to be more successful.
Jonabel L. Rosello, AP Audit Analyst, Coca-cola Bottlers Business Services

I really learn a lot and I know that this course can and will help me in the career path I want to take.
Johlemarie B. Diaz, Audit Analyst, Coca-cola Bottlers Business Services.

Aside from the topic that is very informative & interesting, the speaker (Mr. Lorenzo) was lively that you cannot afford to be inattentive.
Andrea Suanding Torres, Directress ABS Acct. Office-CPA Practitioner
Seven Angels Colleges, inc.

Certified Forensic Accountant Program enlightens me and gives me more confidence as an accounting professional. This teaches me to appreciate more control to be implemented in the organization. This program widens my perspective and motivates me to go beyond miles in the execution of my duties and responsibilities, that is, not to limit to financial statement preparations but to give more value with reports to end users by mitigating fraud if not eliminating it absolutely.
Reynilda Cabico, Mun. Accountant, LGU-Cawayan

The program presented new ideas in conducting audit, especially those involving fraud, which can be helpful in performing my duty as a state auditor.
Vincent S. Alvarez, State Auditor I, COA

The program helped confirmed some of my ideas and presented approaches to concretize together with valuable references. Overall, the program guided me than forensic accounting.
Martinita E. E. Salvosa

The program is very informative and practical. It gives me ideas on how to conduct investigative audit. It also helps me identify fraudulent documents and signs that the person is committing fraud. I will make the best use of all the learnings I got in this program.
Venus A. Talaid, Asst. Manager-Audit & Buss. Assurance Srvc.
Diaz Murillo Dalupan and Company, CPAs

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