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This seminar is a great help for us to develop and improve our BS forensic program.
Baniaga, Jasmin May P., Faculty Member

The program provides new ideas, knowledge and added value in the conduct of forensic accounting that are essential to the field where I belong.
De Gorostiza, John Brandy Crisostomo V., Manager

The program provided new insights in the field of forensics and has me take a deeper look at the work that I perform.
Pangan, Alain S., Manager, Financial and Risk Advisory

For a practicing auditor, the program refreshed and strengthened further my knowledge on various concepts of fraud audit and its relation to other disciples.

I gathered new and interesting investigative procedure waiting for timely execution in my future audit engagements back in my company.
Tajan, Jonard D., Assistant Internal Audit Manager

Day 1 – Topics too long one day.

Day 2 – Very interesting and educational.

Overall – Useful for auditors and people handling investigation.
Burgos, Raquel M., Compliance Officer

This will help me improve and develop strategies in conducting investigations. Very helpful in my present position.
Obejas, Marites C., Compliance Officer

Thank you! This training will really help me when I will transfer to our Fraud Department. I’ve learned a lot. The technique and the speakers are generous to share their knowledge expertise to us. I will recommend this program to my friends and co employees.

Thank you CrFA! Job well done.
Rallonza, Ma. Olivia G., Sr.Auditor

Topics discussed were very relevant to my nature of work, thus I can relate very well. Also, I gained new insights and learning especially on the legal aspect. Very interesting program!
Obcena, Lina R., Head-Branch Audit

The seminar is an eye opener on the latest trend of internal auditing thru forensic evaluation. The topics discussed are relevant and double in the performance of the work. The seminar is worth the value of the amount paid by our company in exchange of what we have learned and the benefits it will gain when we applied what we have learned and shared with co-employees.
Mariano, Judith R., Officer ll

My career in internal audit as a Technical Auditor started with my involvement to the anti-fraud taskforce in my past company. This happened at the height of “ISR” fraud within the telecommunications industry and through the years, different fraud activities has evolved along with technology. Attending the CrFA Program has somehow refreshed my knowledge and awareness of the types of fraud, its indicators and possible ways to detect or prevent them, which I could apply in my audits. I feel that it is important for internal auditors to attend programs like this for our continuous learning.
Go Hiong, Mary Cherylle A., Sr. Technical Auditor

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