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The Seminar provided very practical scenarios. Very informative and interesting!
Corros, Noemi H., Audit Manager

The two-day session was relevant in our jobs, likewise interesting, knowledge, enhancing and worth my time.
Rommie B. Olarte, Sr. Unit Head – Branch Audit

Overall, the program is enlightening and helpful/relevant.
Manuel, Marinet C., Internal Auditor lV (Officer ll)

Very interesting & useful! I appreciate the new techniques in conducting investigative interview which are appreciative in our work/ profession.
Mellizas, Margarita T., Sr. Auditor

The course is a relevant & useful tool in corroborating inconsistencies and in efficiencies of the company’s control in detecting fraud.
Dexter K. Pasaol, Manager

Understanding the Basics & Principles of human behavior and body language will greatly assist auditors and examiners in performing a better approach in dealing with investigations. The sessions shared to us the awareness of creating a group to handle fraud related events in a company.
Lloyd Tan, Manager

The training is very informative. The actual experience shaped by the trainers and participants will guide me in my future audits – to have a questioning mind and be more alert of the conditions where fraud could occur. I realize that in order to detect fraud, one should have the mind like the fraudster equipped with the right tool and technique.
Andrew M. Navarrete, Internal Audit Manager

The Sessions were very interesting, particularly the sharing of real cases/experiences.
Imelda H. Corros, Partner

I’ve always been interested in Forensic Accounting, I’ve heard of it when I was in the US. I’m glad that when I googled it, I was able to see this program. The program contains all the useful information about Forensic Accounting that you may actually use in your work. Materials were also provided. I hope this program will be useful in my future plan in changing/shifting a bit in my career.
Melanie V. Diaz, Senior Global Benefits Acct

It’s a great pleasure to attend the CrFA program Batch 13. The facilities were appropriate, comfortable and provided adequate space for learning. This program enhanced my professional expertise, could be applied to practice and could contribute to achieving personal and professional goals. The speakers expressed ideas clearly, presented useful examples and their teaching level was appropriate to audience. The lecture description was accurate; and the teaching format/ length were suitable to content. I would recommend this program to others. The integration of accounting, auditing and investigative skills yields. Forensic accountants are trained to look beyond the numbers and deal with the business reality of the situation.
Guiterrez, Alma Rossana A., Finance Officer

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