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I personally learned a lot, especially in identifying Red Flags in various audit environments.
Valles, Raymond M., Officer 1, Internal Auditor lll

Good inputs on an interesting topic!
Concepcion, Flormin O., Department Manager

Very informative! It tackles more on the practical side than pure theory where you can readily apply what you have learned immediately after the program.
Salvador, Reynald P., Compliance & Testiry Specialist

The subject is very informative. It has widened my knowledge and horizon as regards the forensic accounting. I have learned a lot, the tools and techniques, and surely, I can apply this to my work. It’s worth sharing the knowledge to my peers and staff, my boss, as well.
The speaker for Day 1 and 2 are very knowledgeable. Kudos to them!
Flojo, Rachel L., Finance Manager

The two-day seminar really captured my interest because the program objectives were clearly explained by the two facilitators. The examples given were concrete and I can relate them to my job. Handouts given were relevant to my job but I hope next time it should coincide with the PowerPoint Presentation of the speakers. Improve the sound system; balance the Bass and Treble so that the sound would be pleasant to the ears.
Datuin, Marjorie C., Accounting Officer

I am not an accountant, attending this seminar made me appreciate the role of accountant, auditor and especially the Forensic Accountant Cuff or painstakingly dig up minute evidences to prevent fraud in Today’s Business World.
Chan, Lung Fai, Owner & Gen. Manager

This seminar gives me new learning and can be very useful in my work and my career. The speakers are very knowledgeable in their field.
This kind of seminar is very recommendable to professionals to understand more about fraud and investigations.
Relato, Minnie R., Junior Accountant

I have learned a lot from this seminar and it will also help our company with regards to detecting frauds. It also gave us new ideas which will be useful to us. I will also encourage my friends to attend seminars like this.
Flores, Michelle A., Sales Accountant / Audit

This is the best program I have attended so far. I have learned a lot! It’s much related to my field of work. It enlightens lots of areas of my concerns. I am more than sure I would be a far better internal auditor after today.
It gives me so much motivation to apply all the new ideas I have learned.
Thank you so much for extending this program to us. God speed!
Tindog, Maria Luisa I., Internal Auditor

I’ve learned a lot with this seminar. I will try to apply these learnings with the company I’m working.
Blanco, Perlin M., Accountant / Audit

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