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The training was informative. I really enjoyed the behavioral analysis topic and it’s very interesting. The speakers are friendly and approachable.
Leal, Donnabel B., IT Audit Head

The program basically strengthens my knowledge in fraud auditing. This would perhaps help me to formulate strategies and develop policies on fraud control. As a result, wrong doings or fraud related cases by employees would probably minimize if not totally eliminate.
Reyes, Mary Rose D., Head Office Audit Section Head

The CrFA program provides an in depth perspective into the world forensic accounting. The course is practical with expert speakers; it was a worthwhile use of my 2 days. I learned a lot of concepts on fraud, ways to detect and mitigate fraud which I can hopefully apply in my career.
Gomez, Lani R., Financial Control Officer

The program is very useful in my line of work. It has actually gave me a better understanding on how to do the job effectively and safely having been given life on how to perform it in accordance with existing laws.
The program, however, should be extended to give more time for discussion as it approved that topics got the attention of the participants.
Nevertheless this program is worth of commendation and recommendation to my peers.
Cimanes, Jose G. Jr., Internal Auditor

I learned a lot.
Tieng, Mark Andrew T., Managing Director

The overall lecture in Forensic Accountant greatly affects my view in respect to financial account fraud.
Alberto, James L., Revenue Officer 1

I have learned so many things that added to my knowledge of forensic accounting.
Lumintegar, Bello A., Gen. Accountant

I gained useful knowledge in fraud relevant to my work.
Machica, Ma. Grace A., General Partner / Partner in charge

Brilliant! Looking forward for its (ICFA) continued support and CPD Services.
Aswigui, Willard W., Internal Auditor

The program is very nice. I’m looking forward for another review/program for fraud examination.
Manuel, Alicia C., Consultant/ State Auditor IO (COA)

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