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Gilbert T. Trinchera

The program was very helpful in adding competence and giving new perspectives in performing audit and forensic accounting engagements. Speakers were competent and equipped with real life experience and strong background in accounting, audit and investigation skills. Also, materials were relevant, clear and complete in capturing subject areas of forensic accounting.

Janette P. Garando

When I first heard forensic accounting from a friend of mine, I really wonder why it is called forensic accounting. That’s one reasons why I attended this class. I have enjoyed taking this course/program. CrFA program give knowledge or additional knowledge in fraud detection. Forensic accounting is all about fraud examination. I have learned new ideas, techniques in this program. Thanks CrFA!

Joel R. Bolanio Jr.

The training gives me an eye opener of what is really the fundamentals and concepts of the forensic accountant program. Professionally, I gain additional knowledge and learn a lot of things from detecting, discovering & analyzing a fraud, down to investigating and gathering of evidences which somehow I could apply it in my day to day working activities in the company. My expectation of this program was achieved. Thumbs up!

Daisy Lyn Aboy

I gained mew ideas and approaches on fraud investigation. It also gave me basic knowledge about forensic accounting (its importance and how it developed thru the years). This program is very useful to my line of work.

Jerico Ralph Gapac

The program has given a good perspective on what forensic accounting is all about and will make a tool for expanding my career and growth.

Grace B. Signo

I am honored to be part of CrFA batch 21. Being able to listen and learn from the experts and to interact with my fellow participants is an opportunity I could never forget. Forensic science always fascinates me. As an accountant, I wonder how forensic is applied/integrated into accounting. Thanks to CrFA program, I am enlightened. I have learned so much from this. My heartfelt thanks to the organizers, the speakers and to my sponsor. Well done!!

Winnie Carlos

I truly enjoyed this seminar! Worth investing my time! Very stimulating & informative, I’ve realize there are many things I need to learn to be more effective & confident in the field of my profession!

Norwina L. Reyes

The program is very useful and really captured my interest. I had a deeper understanding and appreciation of what a forensic accounting is and how it differs with fraud audit. Being an audit officer of the bank, this seminar will surely help me in performing my duty particularly in the conduct of fraud investigation. In addition, I can also recommend incorporating fraud audit in our existing work program.